Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Endorsment You've Been Waiting For

I've changed my mind.

At the democratic primary in my state, I voted for Hillary Clinton, for purely objective reasons. Though I was already impressed with Obama's ability to inspire, when I looked strictly at the issues, I found that Clinton's positions more closely matched my own. A lot of it boiled down to her position on national health care. And I found her approach to Iraq a little more reasoned.

Back at that time, though, I felt as though we were rather fortunate to have three candidates who would have made good presidents. John McCain didn't even seem half bad to me, though I rarely support a Republican.

But in the months since, I've changed my Democratic preference and have become quite sure that a McCain presidency would be a tragedy.

Hillary Clinton has greatly disappointed me in the strategy she's now employed to try and claw her way back into the race, and I'm finally seeing the issue of integrity that others have pointed out. A turning point came when she described dodging sniper fire in Baghdad--an event that clearly never happened. Moreoever, the Clinton efforts to find dirt on Obama seems to have come up with exactly nothing. Recent reports now hint that Clinton knows she cannot get the nomination, but wants to dilute the race making it likely that Obama will lose to McCain, setting up her last-grasp for the White House in 2012.

Barrack Obama now appears to be exactly what he appears to be. Honest, hardworking, inspiring. The last Clinton innuendo--that Obama lied by referring to himself as "professor of law" at the University of Chicago, when in reality his title was "senior lecturer"---pretty much fell apart when U of C issued a statement that indeed Obama was considered a faculty member and could rightly use the title of Professor. Nothing I have seen thus far has put Obama's character in serious question. He is terrifically ambitious...that's just about the worst thing you can say about him.

Also impressive to me, though, is the fact that Barack and Michelle Obama seem to have the legitimate kind of family life that other candidates like to falsely claim. Despite common arguments that a candidates private life is irrelevant to the ability to govern, I believe this is nonsense. Surely a candidate who has the ability to lead an honorable family life brings viable skills to the act of leadership. There is a stunning difference in the quality of the Obama family when compared to the Clintons.

As far as John McCain, the final nails were driven into the coffin when I learned this week that McCain once publicly called his wife a c----, when she teased him about his thinning hair. Several different sources substantiated this event. And McCain once explained that the reason Chelsea Clinton was so ugly was that Janet Reno was her father.

This kind of stuff pretty well overwhelms a couple of positives about McCain--such as the fact that he refuses to use his son's military service in Iraq to his own political gain.

So here it is. Barack is my candidate. I hope we get to celebrate in November.


August said...

When it comes to integrity, Obama I believe stands alone.

I don't dislike Clinton, but with all her years of fighting off the bad guys, and now with her clawing campaign tactics, frankly she's turned too much into a politician.

And McCain simply frightens me.


athinkingman said...

Many of us in the UK are getting fed up with the long race. Although we obviously get less detail than you do, it was interesting to read your piece and follow your reasoning. I found that it expressed much of my own thinking. I had come to very similar conclusions.

There are still months of it left. How on earth do you lot cope over there?

the chaplain said...

McCain is a misogynist pig. That says a lot about his character. Period.

He has some good points and was the best in a clearly loony Republican field, but his presidency would likely be disastrous.

Michelle O'Neil said...

It may appear that McCain is supportive to the cause of autism, maybe he is?

But by blurting out the connection between vaccines and autism, off the cuff, without seriously looking into the implications just showed this autism mom his lack of judgement.

So I like that he said what he said, because afterall they all KNOW IT, but the fact that he didn't know to zip it, scares me a little.

And that's messed up, because I do want the help for our kids.




Shimmerrings said...

I did exactly the same thing you did, and for the same reason. Hillary... and now back to Obama. Would never consider McCain for a minute.

Jerri said...

McCain scared me before I read your post. Now he scares me to death. Misogynist pig, indeed.

And I agree that the ability to lead an honorable family life indicates one's fitness to lead.

I hope we celebrate, too.