Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Somebody Else's Words, for a Change

I ran across this film clip tonight, and thought I would share it with you. It's a touch on the long side, but quite delightful and I think you might enjoy it.

It explains pretty clearly why some of us have received such help from Buddhist philosophy. This is a practice that is really nothing more than a rational study of the conditions of happiness, and I doubt you will ever hear anyone speak more logically than this Frenchman turned Tibetan monk.

Have a listen:


August said...

Oh I like him. I especially like his sober approach to anger.

I wonder if his early training in science is what makes him seem so spiritually balanced.


sacred slut said...

He seems like a nice guy.

But I basically have a problem with an unmarried guy with no kids who finds happiness through sitting on a mountaintop in Tibet or someplace.

Let's see them in the real world.

Frankly, the only way you could convince me meditation is worthwhile is if it would help me lose 40 pounds. Non-attachment to food? Email me STAT at templewhore at gmail, with a reading list if that's the case! LOL