Thursday, May 1, 2008


Five years ago today the Current Occupant of the White House gave a speech aboard an air craft carrier in the Persian Gulf, in which he announced that we had won the war.

Today, five years and 4,057 American deaths later, he said that he was talking about the "aircraft carrier's mission," not the war itself. The comments have embarrassed almost everyone, except for John McCain.

We're going to have a crucial choice next November. If we're not careful, we'll be guaranteed at least four more years of bloody combat in the mideast.


Michelle O'Neil said...

We have to focus on what we want. What do you want in a leader?

I want one with a right/wrong indicator. Perhaps some humanity.

For starters.

Anonymous said...

WTF indeed.

The headline on my homepage reads: Mission Accomplished Banner Not Bush's Fault.

Then whose fault is it?

Anonymous said...

What a moron. Does he actually expect anyone to buy such a lame excuse?

Sorry, Georgie, your own words have come back to bite you hard. Live with it. Oh, right. You've never before had the experience of living with the negative consequences of your boorish, irresponsible behavior. You'd better get used to the feeling, because, over the past eight years, you've accumulated a lot of responsibility. I hope your shoulders are broad enough to carry it (though I doubt that they are).

Glamourpuss said...

I'm starting to think that Bush is just an elaborate and rather sick hoax - bit like the moon landings, but with darker consequences.