Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Orlando Airport

Across from me on the shuttle bus taking car rental patrons back from the drop-off site to the airport terminal, there is a young family with two kids ages 6 and 8 or so. The kids have Mickey Mouse beanies, T-shirts. The father has a weary expression, and I recognize the look from my own adventures with young kids on vaction, 15 or 20 yearsago.

When the bus makes its first terminal stop, the family gets to its feet to leave. The father, I notice, is carrying a gallon jug of milk in one hand.

Their luggage is all neatly packed, and I rather imagine that all their shampoos and suntan lotions are packaged in the appropriate 3 oz. sizes contained in the requisite plastic bags.

The father seems unaware, though, that 128 ounces of milk in a jug might not be allowed through airport security.

Vacation time can do that to you.


Jerri said...

Perhaps they were facing a long wait in the airport. Or...nope. I'm out. He'd probably just enjoyed as much vacation as he could stand.

AphroditeRising said...

Vacation time WITH KIDS can do that to you, LOL.

Funny, my best friend regularly totes weed right through security, but that milk will earn you a strip search.