Monday, August 11, 2008

Why I-phones & I Pods Were Invented

There's a whole lot that's pretty darned magical about the I-phone, but at long last I've discovered it's true reason for being.

Last week, I discovered Podcasts, and quickly subscribed to something calls "ZenCast," a series of lectures on Buddhist philosophy and practice. Lasting from 30 to 70 minutes or so, this series of talks by leading Buddhist teachers gives me a perfect beginning or ending to my work day.  

Hop on the bus, plug in the earphones, and I arrive at my destination with an open heart. 

There are about 150 of these delightful little talks, so I"m pretty well set until the end of the year. 


Jerri said...

Et tu, B? Plugging in and missing the "now" like everyone else?

Actually, I love this idea. Just couldn't resist teasing you about it.

M@ said...

You might be surprised that I haven't been smoking weed and am even contemplating a yoga class. Funny thing about mental health. It ebbs and flows....

The podcast really came to fruition with the smart phone, rather than the iPod.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Arriving at our destinations with open hearts! What a concept!