Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Science of Meditation?

Thanks to Michelle, at Full-Soul-Ahead, for showing me the following video. It gets just a little bit "new age" near the end, but you should remember that this is the experience of a neuroscientist who had a catastrophic brain event that showed her something mystical in nature.

What was most interesting to me was that her observations are consistent with what many people experience in meditation, and it suggests a left brain, right brain explanation for mysticism—and suffering—that could appeal both to spiritualists and to scientists.


Shimmerrings said...


Michelle O'Neil said...

If you like this, you might like Candace Pert's books.

Molecules of Emotion and How to Feel Go(o)d.

August said...

Another inspiring TED-talks speaker.

What an incredible story. I've never heard a more clear explanation of how each side of the brain works.

I'd love to experience a moment of Lala land, disconnecting from brain chatter and 30 years of baggage.

Thank you for posting.